Many clients who are beginning the process of separation or divorce are often in distress.  Many questions tend to pop up regarding the division of assets, finances.

If you have kids, the biggest concern is always who will the children be with and how much time will they spend with each of their parents.  Getting an attorney is always helpful and beneficial.  We can guide you through this process.

What happens if parties can’t agree? Well, one of the best options may be attending mediation rather than rushing off to court and facing a judge, which is often scary and intimidating.  Mediation provides an opportunity to resolve family issues with a third party outside of court and costly litigation.

The mediator’s job is to help facilitate the attempt to reach an agreement between the parties.    They have been trained (here in Kentucky to be certified you need to attend a 40 hour training session then complete 15 hours of co-mediation with a certified mediator and every 2 years have 4 hours of continuing education credits) in techniques that are geared towards helping parties come up with various solutions.  It’s especially helpful when you have parties who are attempting to get entrenched into a position.

The best mediators often help parties think outside of the box.  Mediations can take place to reach temporary agreements and/or final settlements.  In the next couple of posts, we’ll go over what to expect in a mediation and what the goals are of a mediation on temporary issues versus attempting to reach a final settlement on all issues as well as what to expect in a mediation session (with kids vs. no kids).

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