Lexington Family Law Help

If you live in Lexington and are having a family law issue, you really should seek qualified legal representation.Custody issues, as well as separation and divorce, can have a life-altering impact on you and your loved ones. Other family law issues such as adoption can also be emotionally difficult.

Making sure that you, and everyone involved gets the best solution possible is my main goal.

As you know, divorce isn’t just hard on the couple separating; it can be particularly devastating for any children involved.

I have years of experience with divorce and I am extremely sensitive to the effect it can have on everyone involved, especially children. I’m here to help you and your family.

Below are the areas in which I have significant experience in Family Law for Lexington area residents:

DIVORCES: From mediation to the courtroom, I can help you.

CHILD SUPPORT: These laws protect the interest of the children. I will help help you obtain a fair amount of child support and ensure that the support order is enforced.

ISSUES OF CHILD CUSTODY: My goal is to reach the best agreement for the parents and the children. But I won’t hesitate to take the issues to court if an agreement cannot be reached.

CONTEMPT OF EXISTING AGREEMENTS: When the other person is not fulfilling his or her part of a legal agreement, I will ask the court to find the other person in contempt.

MODIFICATION OF AGREEMENTS: If you discover that your present legal situation is not working for you and your family, I can help you ask the courts to change your existing agreement.

VISITATION: Visitation rights are an important part of any divorce involving children. Both mothers and fathers deserve to have their visitation rights upheld; I can help with that.

PATERNITY: If any questions or doubts should arise regarding who fathered a child, I have extensive experience in paternity matters.

COHABITATION AGREEMENT: This protects the legal rights of unmarried couples who live together.

RESTRAINING ORDERS: During a contentious divorce, protecting the rights of you and your children is a top priority. I will obtain emergency restraining orders and follow up with extensions as needed.

GBLT FAMILY LAW:  I can assist with family law matters as they pertain to same-sex relationships.

For more information, please see my Lexington Family & Divorce Law practice areas here.

If you’d like to talk about your particular family law issue, please give me a call at 859-721-1255.