Your Impending Divorce In Lexington

It’s usually a rough journey navigating the stormy seas of a divorce. It can be hard to keep your head above water and you can feel like you’re drowning.

Knowing where to begin and who to trust can be very hard during this complicated and emotional time. The divorce process is not something you want to go through alone.If you give me the opportunity, I can help keep your head above water during this tough transition.

I’ll be there to answer your questions, to listen, and of course put into place your wishes as you move through the divorce process..

This process will shake-out one of two ways.

One, your divorce will be amicable. In this case, both parties act in a civil manner even if both sides might not be totally pleased with the results.

Secondly, the divorce will be contentious.

In the case of an amicable divorce, you and your spouse can largely agree on all matters, or enter into mediation where a settlement is negotiated.

If it’s nasty, your divorce could end up in the courtroom.  If that happens, it’s okay – I’m very comfortable in that situation and I will help you get what you deserve….and  and I will protect your rights.

Whether you need help with division of marital property, child or spousal support, or even child custody issues, I can help.

I look forward to speaking with you.

I can be reached at 859-721-1255 .

I will gladly talk with you over the phone or in person, without charge.

I’ll return your call promptly if I am not available when you call.

And I will not pressure you in any way.

And my promise to you is this…if I am unable to help you for some reason, I know other qualified attorneys in town and will put you in contact with them.